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Any cancellation of bookings once payment has been made are not allowed. Refunds are also not applicable.

Yes! However, a fee will be charged for a change of booking date/time.

4 days or more before your booking date: NO charge¬

3 days before your booking date: 20% of booking invoice¬

2 days before your booking date: 50% of booking invoice¬

1 day before your booking date: 70% of booking invoice¬

Rescheduling of booking on the day is not allowed.¬

  • Only a maximum of 1 rescheduling is allowed per booking.¬
  • Change of booking date/time will be subjected to availability.¬

Yes! Group bookings will have to be made to info@cushynook.co or equiry page.

Alternatively, WhatsApp us at +65 8043 7341


Our rooms are not installed with any visual and audio monitoring devices.¬

Each room is installed with a door.

Our service staff will not enter your room without permission unless due to emergencies or after 15 minutes has elapsed from the ending timing of your session.

Yes! However, we do impose a cleaning fee of $100 for any spillage.

No alcohol or banned substance as per Singapore law is allowed.

Decorations can only be brought once approved by CushyNook.

Patrons will have to provide the list of decorative items to CushyNook, a day in advance from the booking session.¬

Any damage caused by the decorative items brought by the patrons will be subjected to damage fees.

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